Track List

1. Sunrise With Night

2. Nine Golden Crowns

3. You Were The Desert Breeze
(in this soft, lonely world)

4. Dancin' Blue

5. The Spider

6. Across The Web

7. Wish Of The Rain


Sunrise With Night

In the beginning
The break of dawn
The clouds are falling
Waiting for the moment

O’er the first days of bloody red
The price of greed, mother said
Her pale green eyes gleaming
Dry summer days; the wish of the rain

There was a night of balance
A falling angel came to me
Painted with wine, troubador
A mass cried out in silent speech
A chance with which thee with I kiss
Oh nightingale of nitrous
Through East came bright a rising mist
Sunrise with night; the wish of the rain

Three times the cloud was lost alone
Two times all was lost
One day, we stand before the one
who conspired, asleep in the fire

North are the days you fly in the field
South are the years you gave to the ground
East of a storm you ran from disdain
West over the gate of the golden sea!

Wind of the desert
Turning me ‘round in thy wake
The cloud is still lost
The stars are all gone
The breath of the apple breathes on and on...

Nine Golden Crowns

There is a dragon that walks in the ocean of words
Disguised in dreams
Speaking the language that only you hear
All seeing, the eye
Here upon you I peer

It is said, in his hands are the symbol of life
And the sign of death
Some have seen through the fire of green
There upon his head he wears nine golden crowns

His eyes behold dimensions between
With power he plays many strings out of key
With his wings spread bright
Dance in the warmth of the night


You Were The Desert Breeze
(in this soft, lonely world)

In the sun, the sky burns as bright
As the sun in your smile
I’m beginning to think you’d be right
Stay with me for a while
I think a thousand lifetimes will do
Maybe just for a start
I am caught in the breeze that is you
Tell me one thing believing can't do

You were the desert breeze
You dried my tears
You brought warmth to my freeze
Sweet hot breath in my ear
Now I wait every night
For your tease to begin
And I know in the innocent July
We live forever

High in the sky
In this soft, lonely world
We are just around the corner
From the end

Through the open window
Movements on piano return
I am say...

Dancin’ Blue

I wasted time dancin’ blue
She ain‘t mine, only you
Playin’ some hand
Payin‘ some due
She ain’t mine, only you

We can pretend the sky ain’t blue
She ain’t mine, only you
Pain me then chain me, fool
She ain’t mine, only you

You can say I found a way
Get done holding on yesterday
The rain washes the pain
You are music I hear again

I wasted time dancin’ blue
She ain‘t mine, only you
Play me and pay some due
She ain’t mine, only you


The Spider

There's a ghost here with us
Sinking away tonight
There's a ghost here with us
Slipping away tonight
Wheel of the widow
Holding, hiding, here
Diamond eyes hypnotize
Crawl and disappear

Slowly the spider closing in way too deep
Into a cornucopia, hands and feet
It's only a dream, where I'm wandering
She won’t return me

There were days when the sun filled the sky
There were days the clouds were castles on a hill
There were days, the song, the way
Slowly finding sleep ‘neath the sea

There were times that we tried
Times when we try
Make believe and run away...

Make believe the world's not there and it's gone
I can see beyond the web to the sun
It's only a dream, where I'm wandering
She won’t return me

Wish Of The Rain

Is a day since we last felt terrain?
Is an hour lost in time drinking wine?
I will not tell you any more
Every one of us is free
Where is the road you wanna go?
Where is your ship?
High on the sea

Is a year long gone now?
Why believe anything?
Freezing, then fires and we fall
Secret sight
We see safely the eye of the sun!

The Broken Cloud was free
A ghost return to be
Far away, above the shining sea

The sun looked down from space
And I saw my brother's face
In a blue cloudless sky

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Justin John. “You Were The Desert Breeze (in this soft, lonely world)” co-written with Craig Marshall. “Nine Golden Crowns” with Rich Landar on mandolin, Juliana Trivers on fiddle, and Harrison Olk on banjo. Cover artwork by Tomasz Jedruszek, Poland.
Production assistance: Mike Johnson & Rich Landar.

All Music & Lyrics © 0c7or0k Music 2020. All Rights Reserved.