The Broken Cloud is a true psychedelic experience.

This progressive-rock epic takes cues from bands such as 'Yes', 'King Crimson', and 'Pink Floyd'. It grips you with music from both near and far, old and new, and from somewhere all-together different. From it's opening brigade of guitars, Hammond organ, and choral vocals, to its strange--even terrifying--marriages of Psychedelic Rock, Dark Ambience, Electronic Dance Music, Bluegrass, and Robert Johnson-esq Blues... You'll never be sure what's coming next! ...and when the end is finally at hand you'll be lifted up into a thematic emotional high that you won't soon forget.

This unique album tells a deep, interesting musical tale from a time yet to come, where objective experience is augmented with illusory memories supplanted into our thoughts by an almighty super-intelligence peering into our dimension of existence from a strange realm beyond... Only by recognizing one's connection to this great mystery does one realize that the greatest mystery of all is that we are living a future that has already happened.