Track List

1. Prelude

2. Casual Descention

3. The Old Monkey Junkyard

4. Sky Walker
I - his name is Knandlambaster
II - everything is calm
III - assorted suppositions
IV - we are dances
V - mining city in the clouds
VI - sweeping generalizations

5. The Purple Orange August

6. Bill, Peers, And Chronic

7. Spruced

8. Australopithecine Dream
I - WookmenBeggarsFiremenSoldiers
II - lies and the truth
III - "A Thanksgiving Prayer"
by W. S. Burroughs
IV - the arms of America

9. His Cave, Forever

10. The Mysterious Cloud

11. Messiah
I - requiem for the obsequious groover
II - the going-down of Knimberknandler
III - omega-jostler
IV - the sound of God
V - Knimber on my way
VI - "Go back!"
VII - casual destruction


The Old Monkey Junkyard

Knodhiblimitur Smurd Knandlambaster
Was a mean operator at the old monkey junkyard

Once he dropped an object from the magnet
Straight down on Lucas Popooplithnlituhr (Bindlinglurm)

Knodhiblimitur Smurd Knandlambaster
Disappeared inside his cave, forever


Sky Walker
(part I)

His name is Knandlambaster
Engage in games of Gnoster
And he is not a monster
How 'bout you?
(You know that I know you know)

Sometimes he's alone late at night
He's playing with his Mnomnlur
He's booting up his worm-man
How 'bout you?
(You know he knows where you live)

If you take away your mind
Everything is calm tonight...

He jostles when the world's insane
He's glapting when its cool
He is no Pthofthiefnur
How 'bout you?

He's got T.V. for sale, read the book
T-shirts and sneakers too
He wants to buy your money
How 'bout you?
(Incinerate bundles of cash!)

If you take away your mind
Everything is calm tonight
Everything is calm tonight...

(part II)

There were chances in the night to pretend
There were chances... chances...

(part III)

There was hope, there was Knand
All across the land

He could sing, he was tan
All across the land
Across the land

We are chances in the night to pretend
We are chances... We are dances...

(part V)

He is risen from the sea
He exploded from the waves
He is taken to the envelope of night
(Tonight... tonight)

A wish unto my friend
A wish too tall to see
A wish taken to the envelope of night
(Tonight... tonight)

Mining city in the clouds...

(part VI)

He was rock, he was sand
All across the land

He would live, he will die
All across the sky
Across the Sky Walker...

Bill, Peers, and Chronic

Bill, Peers, and Chronic
Bill, Peers, and Chronic
Bill, Peers, and Chronic

She put the pill in his mouth
He drank a dank chocolate stout
They spoke of nightmares and Dreams
As they knondled next to me


Australopithecine Dream
(part I)

Wookmen walk down the street in a single-file line
Beggars race to the phone with their shirts tucked in
Firemen drive to the fire wearing hard plastic hats
Soldiers march side-by-side holding hands
Lonely people on drugs waging war over food
For supper we bow to our punitive Gods

(part II)

And there was white; ships that would sail in the night
(The arms of America)
And there was green; lies and the truth of the dream
(The arms of America)
...And there was gold!!!

People among us control the world
In secret they remain
People among us troll the world
In secret they remain

(part IV)

Face the boomerang; the arms of America
(The arms of America)
Hurl the boomerang; the arms of America
(The arms of America)
Return the boomerang; the arms of America
(The arms of America)


The Mysterious Cloud

Upon our head, the highest number
Within our sight, a broken dream
In the mysterious cloud
We saw a face...


(part II)

Once upon the time of daydream
Not long after the Earth was young
They would drive down the street
*swoosh* ...sheets like rain...
So began the going-down of Knimberknandler

Confessing years behind the wheel
Lines marred by time's career
The blessed fragrence of a thousand heated pies
Pock-mark divots of his sins...

(part IV)

In the time before he swore he knandled Doc
The gifts of Caesar left him wanting more
Now he builds the instrument
For grace, the sound of God
And photographs her barefoot by the shore

(part V)

This day a new beginning
With looks and smells so clean
Under the lights he found the shiny metallic gleam
...of Knimberknandler

Knimber on my way!



All songs written and performed by Knandistophelese Knandermueller, with Developtmnomnlituhr. All songs recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Justin John. Cover artwork by Kate Pacuska, USA. Photography by Daria Landar. Production assistance: Pfthofthiefnur Homnomnimlur, Botchfuckslipjerk Caddywhomper Kneejerkrottentoolpummeler, Knandercatproliferator Superfluouspissnoster, & Rich Landar.

All Music & Lyrics © 0c7or0k Music 2021. All Rights Reserved.